Swimming Pools

By | August 5, 2019

Swimming Pools

The Swimming pools are living spaces that add value to your home. In the project phase, your intended use should be done by taking into consideration your future needs. In order to prevent the formation of algae in swimming pools, you need to keep your pool clean at all times, maintain chemical balance and ensure regular filtration every day. To build your dream pool, the size of the space you have is very important. The construction of individual and institutional swimming pools, structure and materials used are different from each other.

Swimming pool dimensions

Pool dimensions vary depending on your request and purpose of use. You can build the pool in any size you want. The following dimensions are standard dimensions that vary by pool type:

  • Olympic swimming pools (Min. 25 meters wide, 50 meters tall and 2 meters deep)
  • Semi-Olympic swimming pools (25 meters in length)
  • Shallow Pools (Between 0.6 m and 1.35 m)
  • Aqua park pools (depth should be 1.0 M and at least water area 4.0 x 6.0 m)
  • Baby pools ( Max  0.5 m)
  • Therapy pool (depth up to 1.35 m)
  • Jumping pool (depth min. 3.40 m )

Swimming pool maintenance

You should spend several hours a week in order to maintain the pool. Water test kit, leaf cleaner, vacuum cleaner and brushes, such as maintenance products can do your pool maintenance. In addition, you may need some cleaning agents and chemicals to maintain the swimming pools. To keep a pool clean, clear and healthy, we need to pay attention to the two components. First, the chemical balance of the swimming pool must be maintained, and secondly, we need to remove unwanted contaminants, dust, particles and foreign substances from the pool. Pools are very fun as well as, if maintenance is not done in time can be very harmful to our health.