Infinity Pools

By | August 5, 2019

Infinity Pools

Although it is generally built in areas with sea views, it can also be built in areas with mountain and plain views. The most important thing here is to adjust the angle very well. Infinity pools are the pools whose edges are not visible, which are often intertwined with each other in layers, and whose borders are not apparent as we are accustomed to swimming pools, whose edge lines are layered and covered with water, and which appear to have no boundaries with their designs, that is, they feel eternity in short.

What is Infinity Pool?

The pools are called infinity pools when they are in the pool and they feel like they are stretched to a horizon. Overlooking the sea is the lower edge of the pool, where you get the feeling of endless suffering close to a certain place. In short, we can say “fantasy and the pool of pleasureā€. Swimming in this pool gives people a very different feeling. It’s a lot of fun. You feel yourself in the void and swim with pleasure. For this type of pool, the construction area must be suitable for it. It’s hard to build on any area you want.

Suitable for whom and which places?

When you are inside the pool and look out, they are built in the most sea-view places, because they give the feeling that the view of the pool ends at the horizon. Infinity pools are often found at luxury villas or hotels with sea views. It has to be built in a sea-view zone, otherwise it wouldn’t make sense. In recent years we see that many hotels built such pools. In fact, it can be built in places with wide plain views. We frequently encounter such pool designs in hotels and villas in Arab countries.