How to build a child friendly pool?

By | August 6, 2019

How to build a child friendly pool?                              

Kids in swimming pool

Children’s pools are special directors. This is usually the same, although directing varies by country:

  • The depth of the children’s swimming pool cannot be more than 50 centimeters.
  • Children pools should have independent water preparation facility, cleaned once a month and disinfected after being filled with clean water to be re-operated.
  • The children’s swimming pool is separated from the adults ‘ swimming pool.

All security measures should be taken and the children should be checked by parents when swimming in the pool. Do not leave your children alone in the pool.

Is the pool dangerous for children?

Children’s pool enjoyment, especially because of the well-not disinfected pools can produce bad results. Children can catch stomach intestinal infections from poorly cleaned pools or have eye problems. They can also be affected more by chlorine or other chemicals used in the pool, as their skin is more sensitive. Before entering the pool, the rules of hygiene must be observed, shower should be taken, and hands should be washed after using the toilet. You should also take a shower after swimming. If you pay attention to them, your children can swim safely. You should also make sure that the pool is child friendly.

Security measures

120 cm high security barriers should be built around the pool in the garden. Safety barriers should not be blocked from the view of the pool area. There should also be a special locking mechanism on the door of the barrier. Safe bathing suits prepared specifically for children should be preferred. The pool should be covered with the floor material that prevents sliding and hanging around. If there is no possibility of slippage with slippers or similar clothing, the possibility of slipping should be prevented. Many similar security measures can be provided.