Decorative and Ornamental Pools

By | August 5, 2019

Decorative and Ornamental Pools

Ponds and ornamental ponds are water elements that provide a living environment for the flora and fauna in which there is no swimming activity. These elements also gain meaning with the designs for the activities to be done in the vicinity. They must be far enough away from deciduous trees, coniferous trees and strongly rooted plants while the ornamental pool is being constructed. If an ornamental pool is to be constructed between the trees, a barrier can be created to protect the ornamental pool.

How to build?

If you want to have an ornamental pool, you will have several options. You can have a pool with a fountain and architectural details, or choose one of the classic garden pools. Ornamental pools should be taken directly sunlight for several hours a day. The pool depth account must be performed correctly. There is no limit to the design options of ornamental pools. To provide protection from small rocks and tree roots, a barrier should always be placed under the ornamental pool. After determining the shape of the garden ornamental pool. Side edges should be inclined inward. Cut and dig deep and shallow areas for plants as shown in the figure. You can dig about 80 cm for small ponds and 100 cm for large ponds. You can dig about 25 cm for shallow areas.

Decorative ornamental pool

Ornamental pool is a decorative structure that is frequently used in public places. The decorative pool, which has a stylish appearance, is divided into many varieties according to its construction and its decorations. Ornamental pools with artificial waterfall are generally used in cafes and restaurants, but you can also make a stylish decorative ornamental pool for the garden of your home. You can apply all the designs you dream of. We recommend that you get support from an expert.