Baby Pools

By | August 6, 2019

Baby Pools

The most important factor in baby pools construction is the construction of children according to their size. When we evaluate according to age groups, a pool should be made available for children of all ages. According to the design characteristics, it is recommended that the length of the pools is approximately half a meter deep. Both children should not exceed the size of the design and should not have a very dense water level. When entering the water instead of diving or jumping at the angle created as if it had the effect of entering the sea from the beach, especially babies entering the pool is quite easy.

Security at baby pools

Water slides can be installed independently or together with the pool. The end of the slides should be set to be poured deep into the pool. The safety barrier to be used in the ponds should be such that children cannot climb, and it should be noted that the toys may not always fall into the ponds so the height of the barrier should not be less than 120 cm. The pool should be covered on the pool, whether it is full or empty, with high quality designs, such as pool covers and nets. Especially at night, in addition to the barriers around the pool, pool covers should be used in the pool areas. Measures to be taken on behalf of Pool security are very important in terms of children’s safety.

Hygiene and cleaning

Baby pools water should be maintained regularly in order to create a safe environment without damaging your children. Therefore, the application of pool chemicals in accordance with the conditions of use in certain periods is one of the most important conditions for your children. Your children should be taught not to take the pool water into their mouths and swallow them. Hygiene rules should be observed, shower should be taken before entering the pool.