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Keep Your Pool Cover Clean During The Winter

Keep your pool cover clean in winter If your pool opens in the spring, it may look like the black lagoon. There is a better way than to allow this and then throw a ton of chemicals into the water just to clear it up. During the winter, use a pool cover pump to remove… Read More »

How to build a child friendly pool?

How to build a child friendly pool?                               Children’s pools are special directors. This is usually the same, although directing varies by country: The depth of the children’s swimming pool cannot be more than 50 centimeters. Children pools should have independent water preparation facility, cleaned once a month and disinfected after being filled with clean water… Read More »

Baby Pools

Baby Pools The most important factor in baby pools construction is the construction of children according to their size. When we evaluate according to age groups, a pool should be made available for children of all ages. According to the design characteristics, it is recommended that the length of the pools is approximately half a… Read More »

Olympic Pools

Olympic Pools Olympic standard swimming pool. In other words, it means swimming pool in accordance with International Swimming Federation standards. The Olympic pools should be arranged according to the International Swimming Federation (FINA) standards and the swimming pool should be built in accordance with these rules. This pool is constructed in two different types. Full… Read More »

Pool Diseases

Pool diseases The most common infections from the pools are gastrointestinal tract infections and diarrhea. A wide range of viruses and bacteria, especially rotavirus, Hepatitis A, typhoid, dysentery, colibacilloses and can survive long periods of life in pools where water circulation and chlorination are inadequate. These diseases can infect other people even if they swallow… Read More »

Pool Design

Pool Design There are a few questions to ask yourself before you decide on the pool design. What is the purpose of this pool and how much space is allocated for the pool? The type and purpose of the pool is one of the issues to be decided first during the project phase. According to… Read More »

Pool Cleaning

Pool Cleaning First of all hygiene should be taken care of in a pool. The hygiene of pool water is very important. Dirty water can cause many serious health problems. Many pool owners get help from the professionals for pool cleaning, but you can do the cleaning yourself. Water exchange in pools is a very… Read More »

Pool Equipments

Pool equipments The pool equipments may vary according to the purpose, size, type and location of the pool. Whatever the purpose of use, you need a wide range of materials, such as sealing and isolation materials, filter and pump materials, lighting and electrical, maintenance and chemical materials. These are the equipment that must be in… Read More »

Indoor Pools

Indoor Pools These type of pools are artificial, covered water surfaces. Pool water is heated and used throughout the year. Indoor pools have very significant differences from outdoor pools. In indoor swimming pools, the relative humidity should be between 40% and 60% in order to avoid any damage to the metal and wooden building components.… Read More »

Pool Health

Pool health Hotels and resorts take many measures to protect their pools from diseases. Because if hygiene rules are not taken care of, pools can turn into microbes. And how do you know if the pool you’re in is healthy? To protect your health, ensure that the pool water you use is disinfected. Take a… Read More »