Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio proposes cantilevering glass pool over Norwegian fjord

Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio has structured an idea for a boutique inn inside a bluff edge in Norway that incorporates a cantilevered glass pool. Istanbul practice Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio proposed assembling the inn on a site 600-meters-high on Preikestolen – a precarious bluff and prevalent place of interest in the west of… Read More »

World’s initial 360-degree interminability pool proposed for London horizon

Compass Pools has disclosed an idea for a four-sided unendingness pool on a London high rise, got to through a submarine-style entryway. Called Infinity London, the venture is portrayed by the pool producer as “just working on the planet to join a 360-degree vastness pool”. The pool is envisioned on a 220-meter-high, 55-story high rise.… Read More »

Swimming Pools

Web sites of ablution, illicit hefty petting, athleticism, surveillance, enjoyment, racism and death: swimming pools bring people together stolen of status symbols, in ways profoundly marked by simply wider social conditions You will find few buildings through which often you may literally float: room stations and swimming warm are concerning the sum associated with it.… Read More »

The 5 fundamentals of pool support depicted

Circulation Pool water must be coursed for most extreme sanitizer viability. The more your water is moving, the harder it is for microscopic organisms and green growth to grab hold. Steady movement implies that flotsam and jetsam is bound to be caught by your channel too. The best time to flow the water is during… Read More »

How to Keep Your Pool Clean

On the off chance that you are fortunate enough to live in the Valley of the Sun and possess a pool, here are some upkeep tips for keeping your pool shining clean, continually welcoming, invigorating, and prepared for utilize each day. The key is simply remaining over it. This will spare you from committing errors… Read More »

Keep Your Pool Cover Clean During The Winter

Keep your pool cover clean in winter If your pool opens in the spring, it may look like the black lagoon. There is a better way than to allow this and then throw a ton of chemicals into the water just to clear it up. During the winter, use a pool cover pump to remove… Read More »

How to build a child friendly pool?

How to build a child friendly pool?                               Children’s pools are special directors. This is usually the same, although directing varies by country: The depth of the children’s swimming pool cannot be more than 50 centimeters. Children pools should have independent water preparation facility, cleaned once a month and disinfected after being filled with clean water… Read More »

Baby Pools

Baby Pools The most important factor in baby pools construction is the construction of children according to their size. When we evaluate according to age groups, a pool should be made available for children of all ages. According to the design characteristics, it is recommended that the length of the pools is approximately half a… Read More »

Olympic Pools

Olympic Pools Olympic standard swimming pool. In other words, it means swimming pool in accordance with International Swimming Federation standards. The Olympic pools should be arranged according to the International Swimming Federation (FINA) standards and the swimming pool should be built in accordance with these rules. This pool is constructed in two different types. Full… Read More »

Pool Diseases

Pool diseases The most common infections from the pools are gastrointestinal tract infections and diarrhea. A wide range of viruses and bacteria, especially rotavirus, Hepatitis A, typhoid, dysentery, colibacilloses and can survive long periods of life in pools where water circulation and chlorination are inadequate. These diseases can infect other people even if they swallow… Read More »